HEALING AND GROWTH depend on our capacity to understand and integrate our experiences and on our ability to adapt to life’s
ever-changing movements.

Living an authentic and full life that is attuned to our innermost Self is a challenging and exhilarating adventure.

In my private practice, I work primarily with adults in individual psychotherapy.

My goal is to provide a vital space where one can regain an authentic connection

with oneself and learn to move toward a natural state of psychological balance

and wholeness.

I work with a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, eating disorders, chronic pain, substance abuse, creativity, relationship issues, job stress, grief and loss, and offer both long and short-term therapy.

I strive to practice with depth, imagination, and integrity, and I use many different treatment modalities to help individuals regain a state of equilibrium.

My main clinical approach is the Jungian model which seeks to support the unfolding of the individual by working in depth with symbolic material, the unconscious, and values the person’s own inner resources.

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