While we may focus at times on    

understanding your history and

examine how childhood events 

affect the current course of your life,   

we may also work on identifying vital 

hidden potentials that have remained

unconscious and unavailable to use.


Understanding how the echoes of the past resonate and shape our lives give us new choices and opportunities. Indeed, it helps reveal where we might have lost touch with the foundations of our nature and where we need help reclaiming parts of ourselves that have been silenced.

In the end, this process of self discovery helps us live a richer and more meaningful life, one that is based on self knowledge, compassion, conscious choices, inner strength and play. A life where we can fully grow and “become who we are”.



Therapy sessions are usually once a week, though more often if desired. They are typically conducted face-to-face with the therapist.

“What is inwardness

what if not sky intensified, flung through with birds and deep with the winds of homecoming?”

                      - Rainer Maria Rilke

ach of us has a unique life to live and a unique Self trying  to unfold.

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